Let’s Talk About…Postpartum Hair Loss

Real talk: postpartum hair loss sucks.

I have a lot of thick hair, and, before pregnancy, it would naturally shed here and there — especially if I were brushing or styling it. While I was pregnant, my normal shedding stopped, and my hair felt extra full and shiny. But just a few weeks ago, about three months exactly after I had Izzy, it started shedding again, and this time — a lot of it.

Honestly, this is what I feel like:

Photo: Wide Open Pets

The reason for postpartum hair loss makes sense. During pregnancy, the high amount of estrogen levels prolongs the growing stage of hair, resulting in fewer hairs shedding. After giving birth, your estrogen levels decrease, resulting in more hairs shedding. According to the American Pregnancy Association, postpartum hair loss affects between 40-50% of women. And, the best news: it’s only temporary.

Still, the feeling of losing a lot of hair is an unsettling one, so I’ve started seeking out products that might help to combat the shedding, or at least make my hair feel healthier. Below, I’m sharing some of my favorites.

1. Verb Ghost Dry Oil

You’ve heard of dry shampoo…but this is a dry oil, perfect to spray on dried hair. It helps eliminate tangles, and it smells good, to boot. Get it at Sephora for $16.00

2. Oille Hair Serum | Growth Intelligence

This serum helps protect the hair “from root to tip,” and adds a pretty epic shine. Get it at Oillenatural.com for $78.

3. Moroccanoil Original Treatment

This hair oil helps add vitamins and nourishment to my hair, along with creating a sleek effect. I’ll also sometimes massage it into my scalp to stimulate the roots. Get it at Moroccanoil.com for $15-$44.

4. Verb Ghost Oil

In addition to the dry oil, I also use the regular kind. It helps preserve my blonde highlights and also eliminates frizz. Get it at Sephora for $16.

5. “Hold Me” Hair Clips | The Drybar

Instead of putting my hair up in a tight bun or ponytail, I’ll use these to keep my hair out of my face (especially since Izzy loves to pull on it any chance she gets). Get it at Sephora for $16.

In the comments, tell me: What are your favorite products to deal with postpartum hair loss?

Featured image: Courtesy of Unsplash

Product Images: Courtesy of brands.

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